First go to the agreed location, where your personal data will be recorded. Check if your personal information has been recorded correctly. Point out mistakes, for example the spelling of your name or date of birth.

After admission (Aufnahme), you receive your room number.
The nursing staff informs you about the further procedure and your appointments.

The doctor consultation at the hospital 

  • In a medical briefing, the responsible hospital doctor informs you about the examinations, the diagnostic procedures and the envisaged therapy.
  • Ask questions on your operation and treatment. Please ask if there is anything you did not understand or have concerns.
    Mention if you are in pain.
  • For many scheduled operations, you will receive a written info sheet.
    You must sign to confirm that you were informed and agree with the intended treatment.
    Ask whether the form is available in your language!
  • You can take along a confidant to consultations, this reduces the risk of misunderstanding. If you do not understand well, ask for an interpreter!