Do I have to pay for my stay in hospital?

  • Treatment in a public hospital is covered by your health insurance company.
    You pay a contribution or a co-payment (Selbstbehalt).
  •  If you have a compulsory insurance, the annual contribution in 2024 is EUR 14,88 per day (up to 28 days).
  • Co-insured patients pay a co-payment (Selbstbehalt). The co-payment varies depending on the hospital and will be between EUR 21,30 and EUR 29,70 in 2024.
  • Accompanying persons of children as from 6 years old pay a contribution of EUR 21 per day (state hospitals).
  • For chronically ill children up to 14 years old, no fee has to be paid for the accompanying person if a medical certificate (Krankmeldung) is submitted by the attending department.