The e-card

You receive an e-card from your insurance company to confirm that you are covered by a health insurance.
The e-card serves as a confirmation for your doctor that you have health insurance.
Always take along the e-card and your passport/identification card, when you go to your doctor, the hospital or pharmacy!

It is not allowed to pass on one’s e-card to another person!

All ÖGK (Austrian Health Insurance Scheme) insured persons pay an annual service fee (EUR 13,80 in 2024) for the e-card.
The employer transfers this amount directly to the insurance company!

In case of loss, theft or damage please contact the e-card-customer service:

T +43 50766 178049

e-­card and insurance number


On the front side of the e-card your name as well as your insurance number are printed. Your insurance number is a 10-digit number consisting of the first 4 digits of your insurance number and the other six digits with your birth date (day, month and year 090297 für 09. Februar 1997).

On the rear side of your e-card is your European insurance card, with which you can be treated in most European countries by a doctor or in a hospital.

European insurance card in Austria

You can receive medical treatment in Austria if you possess a European insurance card. Depending on the European country your card is from, you might have to pay for the medical treatment in advance. If you do not have a European insurance card, then please ask the health authorities in your home country for a confirmation of your health insurance via email or fax.