Family doctors
General practitioners

You suddenly have a health problem that worries you.
Call the number 1450 without an area code from your cell phone or landline.
A particularly medically trained, qualified nurse will advise you over the phone and give you a suitable recommendation.
Don’t worry: If your problem turns out to be acute, the emergency services (with/without an emergency doctor) can of course be dispatched immediately.
The health consultation is free – you only pay the usual telephone costs according to your tariff.

The family doctor is responsible for:

  • Health and sickness
  • Health examinations and precautionary check-up
  • Recreation, health spa and rehabilitation stays
  • Vaccinations (to be paid by the patient)
  • Medical certificate (Krankmeldung) for driver’s licence (to be paid by the patient)
  • Medical certificates (Krankmeldung) (to be paid by the patient)

If you are ill, the family doctor is your first most important contact person. Usually, it is a general practitioner. If you go to the same doctor for many years, he/she gets to know you personally and is aware of your illnesses and life situation. Your family doctor advises you when you are ill.

Your doctor will refer you, if you need to consult a specialist for a particular illness or special treatment. For example to a specialist, to an outpatient clinic or a physiotherapy practice