I need a hospital or an outpatient clinic

You are admitted to hospital (eingewiesen werden) if you need an operation or treatment that cannot be done in the doctor’s practice. Your doctor decides if it is necessary to admit you to the hospital (einweisen). I case of emergency or of an accident, the ambulance takes you directly to hospital.

When do I go to the outpatient clinic (Spitalambulanz)?

An outpatient clinic (Spitalambulanz) is a medical facility in a hospital, where patients can be examined and treated without staying overnight.
Outpatient clinics (Spitalambulanz)are often specialised in certain diseases. In Salzburg there are many different outpatient clinics.

You are referred to an outpatient clinic (Spitalambulanz) by your doctor, if further examinations are required for the diagnosis of the disease, which cannot be performed at the medical practice or if it is not possible to treat the disease in the medical practice.

Please note the opening hours and make an appointment!

In an emergency, you can visit an emergency outpatient clinic around the clock, even on weekends and public holidays.