Offers for Migrants
at SALK Salzburg State Hospitals

Interpretation Services

  • Multilingual hospital staff will offer interpretation services upon demand (State Hospital, Christian Doppler Clinic).
  • Telephone interpretation is available 24 hours a day in the languages*
    Albanian, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian
    Spanish and Hungarian available (State Hospital, Christian Doppler Clinic).
  • Ask for an interpreter if you are not sure whether you understand everything correctly (State Hospital, Christian Doppler Clinic, St. Veit Province Hospital).
  • In a scheduled appointment, an external interpreter can be consulted – inquire about it when you make the appointment (State Hospital, Christian Doppler Clinic, STV).

Religion and spirituality

  • A counsellor of any acknowledged denomination can visit you at the hospital (State Hospital, Christian Doppler Clinic, St. Veit Province Hospital)
  • Washing of the deceased is possible (State Hospital).
  • The state hospital offers an inter-religious prayer room.
  • There are farewell-rooms for relatives to bid farewell to their deceased (State Hospital, Christian Doppler Clinic, St. Veit Province Hospital).

Migrant clinic

Professional management and information
Contact point for interpretation services/intercultural care:
Herbert Herbst,, +43 5 7255 205 03

  • Regular free consultation on examination results, findings, doctor’s letter or medications
    in Turkish (State Hospital), Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian (State Hospital, Christian Doppler Clinic)
  • Information and contact forms are also available in Turkish, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

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