Emergency call

How to make an emergency call

Who is calling?
Always provide your name and the telephone number where you can be reached at the moment.

Where exactly is the site of the emergency?
Provide the address and describe the location as good as you can (direction of travel, distance signs, highway exit, prominent places such as
bridges, big streets …)

What has happened?
Explain briefly what happened: an accident, a sudden illness, a bleeding wound, a fall …

How many people are involved?
This is very important for organising assistance.

Only hang up once the person in the control centre has no more questions.

Emergency numbers

  • Rescue ✆ 144
    (Central control centre)
  • Euro emergency call ✆ 112 (without area code/SIM card in all EU countries)
  • Police ✆ 133
  • Fire brigade ✆ 122
  • Mountain rescue ✆ 140
  • Medical emergency service ✆ 141
  • Poisoning centre ✆ 01 406 43 43
  • Emergency call for victims of criminal acts ✆ 0800 112 112
  • Emergency call for deaf people
    General via fax or SMS
    ✆ 0800 133 133
    Fire brigade:
    +43 66282 89 53 (text telephone)
    or +43 66282 89 52 (fax)

First Aid

First Aid in an emergency is a legal obligation!

In Austria everyone has to provide First Aid in an emergency. Exception: one’s own life is in danger or help is not possible.

Courses are offered at rescue organisations (Austrian Red Cross) where you can
learn First Aid measures!

First Aid courses are also offered for parents.