Insurance benefits

The statutory health insurance covers all services, which are medically required in case of illness.
The treatments must be “sufficient and appropriate”.

Insurance benefits from different insurances differ.

Information is available on the website of the respective social security fund.
Please call your insurance fund in case of any questions!

Patient’s contributions

It may happen that for some services you have to bear a part of the costs yourself (“co-payment” = Selbstbehalt).
This depends on your insurance – please enquire there.

Persons insured with SVS (Social Insurance Institution), BVAEB (Austrian Railway Insurance Institution and Public Service Insurance), KFA (Health Insurance Fund for Municipality staff of Salzburg) always pay a patient contribution.

Not covered by the health insurance:

You have to pay for services that are not medically necessary yourself. This includes:

  • Purely cosmetic operations (except severe accidents, etc.)
  • Dental services for cosmetic reasons, gold implants, etc.
  • Medical certificates (e.g. for school, sport clubs and employer)
  • A patient decree (a document, by means of which you determine yourself whether you want to be kept alive with all medical means after an accident or in case of a very serious illness)
  • Driving license examinations
  • “Non-listed medication”, for example homeopathic remedies
  • Travel vaccinations, travel prophylaxis

Prescription fee and exemption from fees

  • If a doctor prescribes you medication, you will receive the medication at the pharmacy upon presentation of the prescription. You have to pay a fee of EUR 7,10 per prescription (applicable rate 2024).
  • Persons with a low income or very high medical expenses can apply at the medical fund for exemption from the prescription fee
  • Asylum seekers do not pay a prescription fee.