Doctor appointment

If you want to visit your doctor, call the medical practice first.
Please mention on the phone whether you are

  • acutely ill
  • need a precautionary check-up
  • want to discuss a finding

Patients who are acutely ill, get an appointment on the same day. Patients who are too weak to walk, may request a house visit (please only make use of this in an emergency).

A patient is not entitled to a choice of being examined or treated by a male or female doctor. Talk to a confidant if you feel insecure.

Important information for doctors

  • Symptoms Which symptoms do you have? When do they occur?
  • Medication What medication and home remedies do you take regularly?
    How often, how much (keep a list!)?
    Get your free medication passport.
  • Treatments Do you receive other treatments, for example acupuncture?
  • Findings Do you have findings from other doctors?
  • Allergies Do you have an allergy (allergy passport)?
  • Other diseases Do you have a chronic disease, e.g. diabetes?
  • Health passport Do you have a health passport / a health diary (e.g. diabetes or cardiac pacemaker passport or pain diary)?
  • Your own questions What information would you like to get from your doctor?
    Write down the questions. Ask, if there is something you do not understand!
  • Confidant Let a confidant accompany you if you wish
  • e-card Do not forget your e-card!
  • Medical certificate (Krankmeldung) Ask for a medical certificate (Krankmeldung) for your employer if you are ill for more than 3 days!