The doctor’s consultation

Your doctor has to provide accurate information on:

  • your health status
  • possible diagnosis/diagnoses and diagnostic methods
  • possible treatments
  • benefits and risks
  • what happens if you decide against treatment
  • possible costs

The doctor has to ensure that you or your confidant have understood this information. Please ask if there is anything you did not understand!
He or she should take a decision about the treatment together with you.

You want to see another doctor?

If you receive medical treatment from a medical fund doctor, you should remain with the same family doctor for one quarter (ÖGK) (Austrian Health Insurance Scheme) or the current month (SVA) (Social Insurance Institution).

If you would like to change doctors for an important reason, you have to apply to the ÖGK (Austrian Health Insurance Scheme). In the new quarter, you can change doctors without consulting the health insurance company.