Mentally ill

Mental (emotional) illness is almost as common as physical illness:
for example depression, eating disorders, anxiety, sleep disorders or burnout.
Mental illness is also caused by war or violence. It can result in physical complaints.

Treatment of mental illness

Mental illness should be taken as seriously as physical illness.
You should not be afraid or ashamed if you are not feeling well!
Talk to your doctor, if, for example, you are not feeling well for more than two weeks even if you do not have any physical complaints.

Medication or psychotherapy can help. Psychiatry Specialists or psychotherapists are trained for treating mental illness.

The costs for psychotherapy can be covered by the health insurance company (full or partially). It depends on the disease and on your income.
Ask at the health insurance company!

Persons affected and relatives can go to a counselling centre.
And there are support groups, in which people with a mental illness help each other.